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What Sets IB Pros Revision Courses Apart

Global Accessibility

We offer two sessions daily (morning and evening USA time), catering to students worldwide, guaranteeing convenient timing for all.

Extended Availability Options

Our courses span across 4 weeks, granting you the flexibility to select the most suitable week that aligns with your schedule.

Guidance from Expert Examiners

Benefit from top-tier IB educators, including seasoned IB Examiners, guaranteeing unmatched insights into the IB examination process.

Tailored Learning Journey

Select from an extensive array of subjects and study at your own pace, with courses tailored specifically for both Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL) students.

8 Hours Revision Course

Elevate your IB exam readiness with our 8-hour intensive revision course at IB Pros.

Delve into targeted subject matter with our experienced tutors, ensuring focused preparation and enhanced confidence for your upcoming exams.

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12 Hours Revision Course

Dive deeper into IB exam preparation with our comprehensive 12-hour revision course, exclusively at IB Pros.

Benefit from extended study sessions led by our skilled tutors, covering crucial topics in greater detail to optimize your performance on test day.

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18 Hours Revision Course

Take your IB exam preparation to the next level with our extensive 18-hour revision course, available only at IB Pros.

Engage in thorough examination of key subjects guided by our proficient tutors, enabling thorough understanding and mastery of essential concepts for exam success.

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Unlock Your IB Potential: Expert-Led Revision Courses

  • Transform with focused 5-day revision courses, tailored for small groups of 3-7 students.
  • Customize your learning for SL and HL programs, ensuring holistic exam preparedness.
  • Gain invaluable insights from top educators and IB Examiners, clarifying complex concepts.
  • Equip yourself with stress management techniques and score-maximizing strategies.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with our 100% money-back guarantee, prioritizing your satisfaction from day one.