How To Get Top Marks In The IB Extended Essay

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October 7, 2023
How To Get Top Marks In The IB Extended Essay

The IB Extended Essay is a crucial component of the IB Diploma program, requiring students to undertake an independent research project of 4,000 words. Achieving top marks in this essay is an aspiration for many students, but it requires careful planning, dedication, and adherence to specific guidelines.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on how to achieve top marks in the IB Extended Essay. Starting early and allowing ample time for research, writing, and editing is essential. Choosing a well-defined topic and research question with input from the supervisor is crucial.

Consultation of libraries and databases for credible sources is recommended, as is incorporating feedback from the supervisor throughout the writing process. Attention to academic language and structure, as well as proper presentation and citing, are vital. Lastly, upholding academic integrity and avoiding plagiarism are paramount to securing top marks.

By following these strategies, students can enhance their chances of achieving excellence in the IB Extended Essay.

Key Takeaways

  • Start early and plan your time effectively to avoid last-minute rush.
  • Choose your topic and research question carefully with input from your supervisor.
  • Use a variety of primary and secondary sources, consulting libraries and databases.
  • Pay attention to academic language, structure, and proper citation to maximize your score.

Choosing a Topic

The process of choosing a topic for the IB Extended Essay involves careful consideration and input from the supervisor to ensure a focused and relevant research question is selected.

The guidance of the supervisor is of utmost importance in this process, as they provide valuable insights and expertise to help students navigate through the vast array of possible topics.

To narrow down the research question, students can employ various strategies. They can start by brainstorming ideas based on their interests and strengths in a particular subject.

They can then conduct preliminary research to gather background information and identify gaps in existing knowledge.

Additionally, students can consult with their supervisor to refine their research question and ensure it aligns with the subject requirements and assessment criteria.

By utilizing these strategies, students can choose a topic that is both manageable and engaging, setting the foundation for a successful Extended Essay.

Research and Sources

Research and sources play a crucial role in the successful completion of the IB Extended Essay, as they provide the necessary evidence and support for developing a well-rounded argument.

To ensure the highest marks in your essay, follow these guidelines:

1) Evaluate your sources meticulously: Use the CRAP test (Currency, Reliability, Authority, Purpose) to assess the credibility of your sources.

2) Utilize both primary and secondary sources: Primary sources offer firsthand information, while secondary sources provide analysis and interpretation.

3) Engage with a variety of sources: Consult libraries and databases, rather than relying solely on search engines, to access scholarly information.

4) Maintain an academic tone: Avoid slang and ensure your essay is free of spelling and grammar errors.

By employing these strategies, you will strengthen the research foundation of your Extended Essay and enhance your chances of achieving top marks.

Writing and Editing

Writing and editing are critical components of the successful completion of the IB Extended Essay, ensuring the essay adheres to an academic style and maintains objectivity without the use of personal pronouns.

When it comes to drafting techniques, it is recommended to write more and then edit down the content to ensure that the essay stays within the 4,000-word limit. Taking into consideration the feedback provided by the supervisor is also crucial during the writing and editing process.

Each paragraph should address the research question, and the register of the essay should be appropriate for an academic setting.

Moreover, attention should be given to presentation, using the correct citing and referencing format. By following these guidelines, students can enhance their writing and editing skills, ultimately increasing their chances of achieving top marks in the IB Extended Essay.

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