Aline A.

Aline A.

IB Mathematics chairperson and instructor, Head of High School, Holds a Masters in Pure Mathematics.

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Aline A.

Experienced Math Department Chair and Head of High School with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. Skilled in Analytical Skills, Mentoring, Educational Consulting, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Peace Education, Mindfulness in Education and Pure Mathematics. Professional educator across various math curricula (IBDP, IGCSE, A level, SAT, and Lebanese Program) since 2002.

Teaching Experience

September 2022 - Present @ Brummana High School, Brummana, Lebanon

Head of Upper School.

In this role, I overviewed the pastoral work for grades 7 to 12. I coordinated with a team of teachers and planned events and disciplinary measures.

Keeping the highest standards of student wellbeing.

Developing and enhancing the positive reinforcement practices.

Organizing events for internal and local occasions.

Coordinating with advisors and teachers.

Sept 2014 - Present @ Brummana High School, Brummana, Lebanon

Head of Math Department

In this role, I chaired the math department and overviewed the work for grades 7 to 12across various Math curricula. I coordinated with a team of math teachers and planned curriculum and instruction and fulfilled the following duties.

Keeping the highest standards of student achievement within the Mathematics Department, monitoring and evaluation of student achievement and setting targets for improvement.

Developing and enhancing the learning/teaching and assessment for learning practice's all teachers of Mathematics evaluating the quality of each in order to sustain effective practices in the subject.

Setting the strategic direction, leadership and management of Mathematics, there view, development and implementation of subject policies, plans, targets and practices within the context of the school’s aims, policies and plans.

Managing teaching staff, observing classes and conducting teachers’ appraisal.

Deciding the Math booklist based on recent published editions and updated versions.

Ensuring that subject schemes of work are in place, reviewing and updating content and method of delivery to keep abreast of developments and current thinking about the subject area and its relevance to examinations and employment.

Reporting to and meeting with the Senior Leadership Team.

Liaising with senior managers, other heads, other subjects’ teachers, advisors, students, parents in order to communicate the needs for a better academic performance Math.

Organizing and setting the budget for each academic year, updating the inventory and ordering necessary equipment.

Compiling units plans, lesson plans, syllabi description, writing minutes of departmental meetings and an annual math report to the school principal.

September 2002 - Present @ Brummana High School, Brummana, Lebanon

Math Teacher

In this role, I taught math for grades 7 to 12 in the Lebanese program, the British program(IGCSE, AS and A level) and American program (SAT I and II), IBDP Math Analysis/HL and fulfilled the following duties.

Consulting and regularly reviewing the Mathematics Department curricula which should state the required objectives, skills, procedures, practices and exam papers

Assessing, recording and reporting grades and feedback.

Using differentiated learning approaches for a range of learning styles.

Integrating ICT activities with Math.

Meeting regularly and working with other math teachers to ensure horizontal and vertical alignment of the syllabi.6. Attending and effectively contributing to class level meetings.

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