George K.

George K.

Holds a Masters of Science in Meteorology with 7+ Years of Online Tutoring and More Than 3,000 Completed Session

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George K.

I am 53 years old and I live in Greece. I studied Physics, Meteorology, Technology Enhanced Learning and Educational Management. My teaching and tutoring career started in 1993 and has to do with teaching Physics of all levels, face to face and online. In 2011 I started being involved in online tutoring and unti now I have completed more than 3,500 sessions (AP, IB, SAT, A-level Physics) with student globally. Except for teaching I have a long experience in mentoring, content creation and many more having to do with the private sector of education. Currently, I work as a teacher at a famous French-Greek private high school.It would me my pleasure and honor if you decide to try my teaching approach.

Teaching Experience

2020-Present @ Construct , Ohio, USA

Subject Matter Expert

2018-Present @ Ecole Jeanne D' Arc, Piraeus Greece

Science Teacher

2017-Present @ Online Training Company, San Francisco, USA

Physics Content Creator

1993-2002 @ Poukamisas, Piraeus, Greece.

Physics Teacher

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