Jesica S.

Jesica S.

Chemistry professor for intermediate and higher level

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Jesica S.

I started my career in 2008 as a chemistry teacher to middle school students preparing for the IGCSE and IB exams. Later on, I turned into an IB examiner as well. I am also a professor at the University of Buenos Aires and develop online content for the IB curriculum.

Teaching Experience

Chemistry professor, Universidad de Buenos Aires, CBC, Buenos Aires, since 2017.

Teach chemistry foundations (classes averaging 100 students).

Chemistry teacher, Colegio Ward, Secondary section, Villa Sarmiento, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since 2021.

Online chemistry Tutor, USA, 2006 to 2014 and recently since March 2020.

Guide for students in one-to-one sessions.

IB Examiner, International Baccalaureate organization since May 2020.

Standardized correction of paper 3 chemistry component for the IB diploma programme.

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