Liliana F.

Liliana F.

Holds a Bachelors Degree in Philosophy and a Masters Degree of International Education.

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Liliana F.

As a philosophy graduate I started my teaching career in international schools with the IBDP programme. In the many years I have had the opportunity to support both teachers and students in becoming successful at the IB Diploama Programme. I started and lead successfully the Philosophy Conference for IB students in Colombia, which is still running years after I left (Encuentro para Filosofar). I have lead the implementation of the MYP in two schools, and of DP in the school I am currently working in. My students are successful DP graduates, with former alumni having accomplished average grades of 36 and above, including some with 45 points diploma.

I can successfully support student in the research process of the Extended Essay, the Theory of Knowledge Essay, the development of subject knowledge in Social and Cultural Anthropology and Philosophy, including their Internal Assessment components both in English and Spanish

Teaching Experience

2012 - Present @ Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Astana, Astana, Kazakhstan.

IBDP Core Coordinator, TOK teacher, Social and Cultural Anthropology teacher.

The functions currently include, or have included team teaching TOK and Social and Cultural Anthropology (Both IB courses), providing ongoing professional development, coordinating the implementation and development of CAS, TOK and EE, supporting the school towards the IBDP verification and evaluation visits, writing and developing Middle school courses leading to the IBDP core, currently on-the job shadowing and training the Coordinator for IBDP, and the newly appointed CAS and TOK Coordinators.

2010 – 2012 @ Dar al Marefa Private School, Dubai, UAE.

MYP Coordination, Mathematics teacher, Humanities teacher.

The functions of the MYP coordinator include to implement the MYP starting from the application process, training and developing the teachers, leading the creation of the written curriculum, overseeing the compliance of the framework of the MYP, developing policies and procedures for the secondary section of the school, leading the beginning of the IBDP implementation, planning the resources and facilities needed for a bilingual MYP and DP secondary, participating in the recruitment process. Mathematics taught to MYP year 1. Humanities taught to MYP years 1 and 2.

2001 - 2010@ Fundación Colegio de Inglaterra - The English School, Bogotá, Colombia.

MYP Coordination, Theory of Knowledge and MYP 1 and 3 Humanities Teacher, MYP 1 Mathematics Teacher.

PEI Coordination and Theory of Knowledge Teacher.

Head of Faculty of Social Studies, Theory of Knowledge, Philosophy and Anthropology Teacher, Extended Essay Coordinator.

Head of Faculty of Thinking Skills, Theory of Knowledge and Philosophy Teacher.

Theory of knowledge, Social and Cultural Anthropology and Philosophy Teacher.

1997 - 2001 @ The International School, Bogotá, Colombia

Mathematics, Philosophy and Theory of Knowledge teacher.

Mathematics teacher for Math Studies for the IB Diploma and Mathematics teacher for middle school (Subjects taught in English). Theory of Knowledge and Philosophy teacher for the IB Diploma Programme. I started and organized the “Encuentro para Philosopher”, a Philosophy Forum for IB Diploma Students.

1995 – 1996 @ Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia

Teaching Assistant.

Logic and Medieval History of Philosophy.

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