Martin S.

Martin S.

An Expert IB Physics Examiner with +40 years of teaching experience

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Martin S.

I embarked on my teaching journey at a young age, assuming the role of Head of Math at my own school. During that time, I taught students across Primary and High School levels, employing interactive games and problem-solving approaches. We participated in various National Olympiads, achieving remarkable results, and also prepared students for Cambridge AS and A levels exams. While I have taken on other responsibilities such as Head of Science and House Master at international schools, my heart has always remained in the classroom, surrounded by students. This unwavering dedication is the driving force behind my enthusiasm and overall well-being.

Throughout my career, I have actively engaged in school life through extracurricular activities, service initiatives, sports, and outdoor education. However, my greatest contribution to the schools I have served lies in promoting student well-being and mindfulness. I have integrated meditation as a tool for learning, allowing students to explore nature conceptually. This method originated during my volunteer work in maximum security prisons in Argentina and has since evolved to align with the IB HL curriculum for Physics. By incorporating depth and joy into the learning process, I strive to provide students with a high-quality education that goes beyond the mere acquisition of information.

Teaching Experience

2022 - Present @ NLCS, Singapore.

Teacher of Physics   

2021 - 2022 @ The British School Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.                                                   

Head of Science Department

2016 - 2021 @ UWCSEA - East Campus, Singapore.

Science and Physics Teacher

● IGCSE Science

● IB Physics

● IB Examiner for Physics (ongoing since 2012)

● IB Theory of Knowledge Teacher

● Mindfulness in PSE for High School

● Activities, Service & Outdoor education

2015 - 2016 @ Lucaya International School, Bahamas.

Physics and Spanish Teacher

● IGCSE & IB Physics Teacher

● Cover Teacher for IB Spanish

● Activities, Service & Outdoor education

2008 - 2015 @ at St Clare’s College, Uruguay.

IB and IGCSE Physics Teacher

● HOD for Science

● IGCSE & IB Physics Teacher

● Involvement in Activities, Service & Outdoor education

2000 - 2008 @ St George’s College, Argentina.

House Master

● Mindfulness for Personal and Social Education in High School

● Prison Program (CAS)

● IGCSE & IB Physics Teacher

1983 - 2000 @ St Alban’s College, Argentina.

Head of Department

● Maths Coordinator for Primary and Secondary School

● Teacher of Maths for Primary School

● IGCSE & A Level Maths Teacher

● IGCSE & A Level Physics Teacher

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