Nidhi T.

Nidhi T.

Holds M.Sc. Applied Chemistry, B.Ed. Integrated Sciences and B.Sc. Physical Sciences with 11 years of Experience

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Nidhi T.

For the past 11 years, I have been working in different teaching roles in solving various kind of problems on learning mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology. Below are some of the achievements I have done. Teaching: Mentoring students (secondary & university) who face difficulty on learning mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology from the past 11 years and students who would like to excel in mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and statistics subject. Collaboration: Meeting with academic staff as mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology & statistics advisor in university in finding solutions for helping the students learning mathematics and statistics in a better way. Roles: Teaching mathematics as private tutor, teacher and lecturer Practical: Teaching how the statistical data analysis using various software's (e.g.. SPSS etc.).Academic Publication: Conducting academic research with successful publication track records. Professional Advise: Providing professional consultation to academic staff on issue pertaining to statistical data analysis on research. Diverse range of students: Dealing with research students (honor thesis, master students, PhD students) by advice them on their research design, ethic application, data collection and quantitative data analysis.

Teaching Experience

2019 - Present @ TGT (Science), International School, Delhi

Class teacher-Planed, prepared and delivered lesson plans and instructional materials that facilitate active learning

Assembly in charge, Developed curriculum for Moodle, designed material to engage students

Subjects taught-Science (physics, chemistry, biology),mathematics

2015 - 2020 @ Urban Pro


Monitored, assessed, and re-mediated student performance for IB CURRICULUM classes 9th to 12th

Identified the needs of learners and adapted course content and delivery style to meet their needs

Assisted with homework and other class assignment

2016 - 2021 @ Chegg India


Taught Chemistry to undergraduate students and worked as a SME –Subject Matter Expert

Aug 2019 - Feb 2020 @ Competitive Prep- IB CURRICULUM


Chemistry teacher for class11

Efficiently developed training material for students

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