Saad D.

Saad D.

Holds a Master Degree in applied sciences and Bachelor degree in Mathematics

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Saad D.

Right from my school days, I have my seen friends and schoolmates struggling with math. Seeing their plight infused in me an interest to do something for them. That's why, I turned my whole attention to this subject and worked hard to become capable of teaching math to students. In my short career of 9+ years, I've loved teaching math to high school students and making them ready for their college education. My commitment and passion for teaching have made me the most liked teachers by students. The way I teach them complex mathematical formulas has helped my students in understanding and solving any complex math problems. I am happy to see that I have garnered interest for math in my students and helped them fall in love with the subject. As I love teaching, I've decided it to continue it till the last. I have taught Mathematics more than 12 years in different international education systems such as (MYP and DP: IB system) , SABIS® Education Network, Government system, Institute of Computer and University of Duhok faculty of science department of mathematics.

Teaching Experience

Aug 2020 - Present @ Da Vinci School-International

Head of Math Department.

Math Coordinator. Math: DP-AA-AI-HL-SL

Math Teacher : MYP3, MYP4 and MYP5

Aug 2021 - Present @ Da Vinci School-International

NWEA-MAP-Test Coordinator

The Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) are computer-adaptive assessment tests produced by the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA). The tests are designed for kindergarten through 12th grade students, and assess reading, language usage, math, and, for some grades, general sciences. The test is untimed, but usually takes about an hour to complete.

Apr 2018 – Sep 2020 @ Sardam International School

Math Teacher -Upper and Lower level

2013 - Present @ Ministry of Education KRG/ Iraq

Mathematics Coordinator and Mathematics teacher

2017 - 2019 @ University of Duhok/Faculty of Science department of Mathematics

Lecturer at department of Mathematics

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